New Method To Unlock iPhone 5S / 5C / 6 Without Any Risk

Most people have heard of someone they know who wants to unlock iPhone 5S or already has. Perhaps you’ve just heard it talked about or seen mention of it online. However, if you’re not overly tech-savvy, you might not know what exactly the process entails and, thus, whether or not it’s right for you. Before you go taking a company’s word for it or otherwise paying to have it done, keep reading. We’ll explain what it means to unlock or jailbreak iPhone 5S and the best way to do it.

Can You Unlock iPhone 5S / 5C / 6 Plus?

Right now, your iPhone can only do what Apple allows it. When they built your phone, they made sure it came with a number of restrictions you couldn’t do anything about. While they’re reasoning is often in your best interest (i.e. security), it can be no less frustrating to deal with. First, you don’t have complete control over what your phone can do. As you’ve probably already noticed, the iPhone 5S is a very advanced piece of technology. So it should be capable of just about anything, right? Not with Apple in charge of it, no. Second, if you do wish to customize your iPhone in any meaningful way, Apple is going to make you pay for it. Generally, you will need to download additional software through the app store or wait for a new update to iOS to come out. The former option can be expensive and the latter one can take forever. Once you realize how much technology is open to you when you unlock your iPhone 5S, it’s impossible to resist. There are a number of developers out there who have created great things, but won’t pay Apple a share of their profits, so you never know about them with your locked phone.

How To Unlock iPhone 5S AT&T

iphone 6 plus unlockingOne of the main reasons people jailbreak their phones is actually to save money. When you unlock your iPhone 6S, AT&T or whoever your carrier is no longer has a monopoly on it either. This leaves you free to pick a much more affordable option that will meet your specific needs. This is especially helpful if you ever plan on traveling abroad. Whether for business or pleasure, you’ll want to bring your iPhone 5s with you, but it won’t be much use if you can’t afford the calls. Roaming fees over there can be murder for those who don’t know what they’re doing. Unlocking an iPhone 5S, however, means you can simply switch out your SIM card with that of a local provider when you’re gone. By doing so, you now spend as much money as if you were a local resident with a good provider.
Steps For Apple iPhone 6 / 5C / 5S Unlocking:
There are a number of ways you can unlock your iPhone 5S. However, they’re not all the same. The term jailbreak often scares some people, as most don’t want to think of the word break in anyway related to their expensive and beloved iPhone. One method does involve actually opening the phone up though. Some people try to unlock the iOS software manually by tampering with the hardware. This definitely pays off sometimes, but it’s tough to say it’s worth the risk. Even an experienced technician would have a hard time pulling it off without putting the phone at risk. So an amateur who probably only watched a YouTube video is bound to mess something up. The other two methods don’t require that you physically open the phone. In fact, it never has to leave your hand. The first is to download software off the Internet that allows you to jailbreak your phone. This method has a reputation for being hit or miss. Keeping in mind that your iPhone is setup to reject foreign software, you can see why this is often risky. The other way an iPhone 5S unlock works is with a company online that just needs your phone’s unique IMEI number. You send it in and they open it remotely. Generally the fee is quite small too. So long as you do your research, this is by far the best option. Your phone never leaves your side, nor is it put at risk. Plus, as soon as the process is complete, you’re ready to go. No waiting for your phone to be mailed back.

The Process Of Unlocking

When you begin using an unlocked iPhone, it’s important your cautious about the software you choose to download as there are always malicious people out there set on spreading viruses. Nonetheless, countless people download as many programs or more every year without issue. Just practice common sense. So if you love your iPhone, but would like even more from it, don’t despair. You have options that actually work. Unlock iPhone 5S today and begin experiencing even more options immediately.