Jailbreak VS Unlock iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5Sis out hooray! A choir of angels sings to celebrate Steve Jobs legacy and to announce this most holy of technological creations release to the public. If you have an iPhone 5S you now belong to an elitist club for the next few weeks to months. You are in the Apple equivalent of the Skull and Crossbone Society but it won’t last long once more people start to buy. iPhone 5S is great and it offers a robust amount of options a stellar operating system and some serious mojo in the way of processing power. Thats all well and good but if you are a real dweeb trying to get the most potential out of your phone then you are probably looking for a way to unlock the iPhone 5S whether that be from AT&T or some other silly service provider that threatens to sell your identity to the U.S. government. Unlocking the iPhone 5S though couldn’t be more easy and in this tutorial you will learn how to do just that.

How To Jailbreak iPhone 5S / 5C / 6 Plus

5s unlockingUnlocking your iPhone 5S on at&t is not going to allow you to become Matthew Broderick from the movie “War Games” or allow you to re-enact your favorite campaigns from the Red Alert PC franchise. However, it will offer a whole host of options in the way of applications, customizability and just general awesomeness. So lets begin on this most epic endeavor. Make sure you have an iPhone 5S, IOS7, a data plan or just a computer with the internet.
Ok this is quite literally the easiest way to jailbreak your phone and the only effort required by you is to actually type something into the computer. There are literally dozens of websites that will unlock your phone for you. If you are going to do this yourself then you will need to download a piece of software or app for your phone. One of the most popular apps is Cydia but as it currently stands it is not fully designed for the newest IOS 8 platform. So this may require you to wait for sometime or to simply downgrade to an older platform on your phone. However, you can begin to prepare your phone until there is a more useable version. So here is a down and dirty tip for jailbreaking that iPhone 5C.

  1. Open the latest iTunes version
  2. Visit our recommended website
  3. You will see a number of articles listed either giving updates or some general information about the software used for unlocking the iPhone 5. Pick one that seems the most relevant.
  4. Download jailbreaking software
  5. Add the new icon to your iPhone homescreen
  6. Close Safari and voila there you go you have the necessary software to jailbreak your phone.. It’s easy peasy.

Reasons To Jailbreak Unlock iPhone 5S

There are a whole host of reasons why you would possibly want to unlock your iPhone 5C. Some are pretty obvious and some may not be quite as much. One really huge reason to unlock the phone is it will give you accessibility to a whole host of apps that you wouldn’t otherwise have access too. These apps tend to offer services for free that otherwise your cellphone provider would make you pay for such as tethering or simply allow you download much improved third party versions of others. Customization is an obvious biggy with people. Perhaps you like the look of the iPhone 5S at&t but hate the operating system. Unlocking your phone will allow you to install Android on the phone thus becoming tech anarchist who flies his own flag and lives by his own rules. If you are an entertainment junkie then another great reason for unlocking your iPhone 6 plus is the ability trick WiFi only apps to operate over 3G. If you have some sort of insane data plan where this isn’t going to be an issue this will give you an option to stream all of your favorite brain melting entertainment services with a tap of to your touch screen phone.