How To Factory Unlock AT&T iPhone’s 5S, 5C, and 6 Plus

Factory unlock iPhone 5S AT&T to take your iPhone using experience to a whole new level. Once you unlock your iPhone AT&T you are going to find yourself in control of your iPhone completely. Using your iPhone is no longer going to be dictated by the terms and conditions decided by Apple. The question is why does Apple put all these limitations on the usage of iPhone?

The Apple iOS is the most coveted smartphone interface in today’s time. And Apple likes to keep up its commercial value by keeping its iOS protected from hackers. It keeps updating its software and likes to come up with new updates regularly. It keeps the element of surprise and helps with increasing the popularity of the phone even more. But, as users you have the full freedom to choose what you want to do with your iPhone. You should be able to choose the carrier provider of your iPhone 5S. You should not be bound by any contract to stay subscribed to one network provider throughout your tenure of iPhone usage.

When you unlock your iPhone you can use any SIM card on your iPhone. You can choose to subscribe based on which company is providing you the best rates on data usage and call rates. You would not have to stick to AT&T just because Apple thought it was convenient for them commercially. Unlocking is neither illegal nor complicated. And it is completely safe to unlock your iPhone AT&T and it poses no damage to your expensive iPhone. So, unlocking an iPhone 6 Plus on AT&T and see how using an unlocked iPhone is just so much better than using a factory locked iPhone.

You can never go back to using a locked iPhone if you are used to an unlocked iPhone. Imagine having to travel outside your country and being unsure whether you will be able to use your phone there or not. And even if you can you must be on the official network. And you will have to oblige by it unless, of course, your iPhone 5C is unlocked.

iphoneIf your iPhone 5S AT&T is unlocked you can easily use any SIM card in your iPhone without worrying. You can subscribe to the network that is offering you the best rates. You can go for a network that is offering you the best roaming rates when you are traveling abroad. You can bring down your monthly mobile bill to a great extent which will save hundreds of dollars for you every year.

How do you unlock iPhone 5S on AT&T then? How to get it done without getting into all the hassles of understanding software unlocking? It is really simple. You just have to find a third party service that unlocks iPhone 6 AT&T. You will be charged a fee against the services. In turn your iPhone 5S will be unlocked from the database of Apple. It means freedom from locked iPhone forever. All you have to do is provide the IMEI number of your iPhone 5S.

To find out the IMEI number of your iPhone 5C you have to just remember one simple step. That means no longer would you need to understand all the software unlocking steps. You just have to dial *#06# from your iPhone. The IMEI number will be displayed on the iPhone 6 Plus screen. Make sure you note it down somewhere because you would be needing it.

Once your payment for the unlocking service is confirmed you will need to send the IMEI number and you will receive a mail with the unlocking code. It usually takes up to 48 hours to receiving email confirmation of successful unlocking. After receiving the email, you must follow some steps to unlock your iPhone AT&T. But make sure a backup of your iPhone data and settings is taken on your laptop using iTunes. The rest of process will get over in no time. Your iPhone will get unlocked and you just have to use iTunes to sync it back to its previous settings.

Just make sure you find a very reliable third party iPhone AT&T unlocking service. Review websites can help you find the suitable unlocking service. Such websites also help you compare and contrast the cost at which you can avail the service so that you can get the best deal. Watch out for something that has a very prompt customer service and legit customer reviews. Factory unlocking using your IMEI number is the one and only permanent solution for carrier limitations. So, unlock iPhone 5S AT&T and say goodbye to network limitations and high phone bills forever.